Our mission

We are continuously developing new and exciting products to promote the game of chess and meet the needs of chess players around the world.

We Expertise and experience has made it an acclaimed identity the world over as a manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality hand carved decorative chess pieces and Chess board , classic Indian maharajah chess, historical themes chess set etc.

Used for Home Décor, Gifts to dear one and Wedding Ceremony gifts. These products are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen with years of experience behind them. Our artisans are experts in their skills.

Our values

  • Education. We promote the transformative power of chess for lifelong personal growth.
  • Customer Service. We endeavour to be responsive, adaptive and proactive in providing services to our customers.
  • Excellence. We strive to be the best we can be as an organization and in service to the game.
  • Integrity. We honor, preserve and promote fair play.
  • Inclusion. We believe everyone has a seat at the chess table.
  • Love of the Game. We embrace chess as a historic and iconic game, and we celebrate its history, growth and evolution in our activities and services.